Blog on Topics in Modern Judaism

Topics in Modern Judaism

Samantha Arietta, Fall 2015

A collection of blog posts on topics within modern Judaism.

Samantha Arietta, Fall 2015


“Not Your Bubbe’s Beliefs?” is a blog that focuses primarily on topics within modern Judaism and how these topics affect different parts of Judaism. This blog was created not only to share diverse elements of Judaism, but also to express these ideals to people who may be interested in learning more about Judaism today. The blog itself presents elements of Judaism such as how dietary laws affect the health and identity of a Jew, the process of conversion to Judaism, what it means to be a Jew in the eyes of the Jewish community, and the Sabbath.      

The blog begins by explaining exactly what the Kashrut (kosher), Jewish dietary laws, is. The first post goes into depth as it describes the reasoning behind why dietary laws are observed in Judaism and the general rules of keeping kosher. The next post in the blog is on the Kashrut as well however this time it affects the identity of Jewish individuals both here and in Israel. The third post in the blog on the topics in modern Judaism is the concepts of converting to Judaism. Legitimately converting to another religion can be a very lengthy and at times a controversial process. The blog continues by explaining what is required to be a respected member of the Jewish community in the fourth post. Judaism is a religion of good morals and in order for one to be a respected individual in their community they must carry out what is expected of them. The final post of the blog communicates one of the most significant days in Judaism, the Sabbath (Shabbat), and its importance.