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Multiple Religions


The items and collections within this collection relate to numerous religious traditions. As such, these items cannot be classified as any one religious tradition.

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Current societal stigmas with interfaith relationships/marriages.
Gabriella Castaneda Fall 2015

This is an upload of a Microsoft Word Document. It consists of an essay with a minimum count of 1500 words. The essay talks about the author's personal experience with an interfaith relationship and how society in…

Interreligious Marriages
This blog has been made by an FSU student in the Fall semester of 2015 for REL1300, Introduction to World Religions. This blog goes through the many viewpoints of interfaith marriages and how different cultures go about them. There are also different…

Adornment in Various Religious Traditions
pdf of blog on different religions views of various forms of adornment including jewelry, makeup, hair, tattoos, clothing, etc. Religions discussed are Judaism, Islam, Amish, Jainism, and Maori culture.

Religions: Different Perspectives Blog
Emily Hernandez Fall 2015
This is a blog that is interview based. I took four young adults of different religions and asked them some questions about their beliefs.

The History of Forgiveness in Religion.
It's a blog talking about the history of forgiveness in Religious Culture

Interfaith Wedding Planner Mobile Application
The purpose of this document is to present and engage with humanities related content using STEM concepts related to software engineering in a new way. In order to do this, the Interfaith Wedding Planner Mobile Application Specification document…

Time and Religion Essay
An essay analyzing the effect of the changing ideologies of people as the times progress and how those changes affect how various religions interpret their respective holy texts in terms of morality.

Religions exist because of their followers. Without followers, a religion would become extinct. In order to gain adherents to a religion, they must have beliefs that are appealing to people. One powerful conversion tool for many religions is the…

Women Reshaping Religion
This is an essay arguing how feminism has reshaped religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

World Religions and Initiation
Cody Baldwin, Fall 2015. Blog about the rich history of initiation throughout five of the largest religions. Posts cover the Christian Baptism, Jewish Barmitzvah, Muslim Shahada, Hindu Upanayanam, as well as the initiation ceremony performed by…
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