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The items and collections within this collection relate to the topic of secularism or the cultural and social shift away from religiosity.

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Is the world becoming more secular?
The world has seen to move towards secularism recently. In this paper I discuss why this would happen, and discover if there really is a secular world or there is something else.

Frank Valcarcel, Fall 2015

This video examines the similarities between secular and atheist churches and the religious church. For the purposes of this video we’ll take a look at what it likely the most popular secular church, The Sunday…

Faith and Darwinism as Evolutional Tools
An essay about the implications of Dawin's theory and applying that knowledge to early Jewish and Christian scripture.

An Examination of the Secularization Theory over the Past 50 Years
Academic essay discussing the Secularization Theory's evolution since its creation.

Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints
Outside view of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints
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