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The items and collections within this collection relate to Roman Catholicism, a form of Christianity

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The Necessity of Gender Equality in the Catholic Church
Essay on why women deserve equality in Catholic churches, as gender should not prevent anyone from leading.

Students in Catholic High School Should Be Free to Study More than One World Religion
Alexandra S. Murray, Fall 2015
This item is a thesis essay expressing the necessity for Catholic high school students to explore other world religions besides their traditional faith. The essay states data and statistics from well-known theologians,…

Father Edward A Kirby circa 1973
Picture of Rev. Edward A. Kirby after celebrating the first Holy Mass as the Good Shepherd parish on January 28th 1973. The mass was held in the Great Hall of Malcay School off of North Meridian Road. This photo was taken before Good Shepherd Parish…

Saint Patricks Day Celebration circa 1973
This picture shows a news paper article discussing the preperations for the Saint Patricks day dance held by Good Shepherd parishioners. Father Kirby ordered his parishioners to plan and celebrate this holiday in honor of the patron saint of his home…

Carving of Good Shepherd by Parishioner
Picture showing parishoner John Birch and satue of the Good Shepherd. Jonh Birch, a handy sculptor, discovered that the oak tree located on the northwest end of the church was dying so he suggested that he sculpt it into a figure that resembled the…

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church - Tallahassee circa 1952
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is on the south side of Miccosukee at Brevard.

Roman Catholicism Sacraments And Their Affects On Family Life Blog Project
This blog will focus on Roman Catholicism and how it affects one’s family life. It will go into the different Holy Sacraments, talk a little about them and how family is involved.

St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral Relative to Florida State
This is a picture of St. Thomas More and it's bell tower, showing that it is only across the street from Florida State's campus.

Mass at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Clergy giving out Communion during Mass at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Tallahassee.
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