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The items and collections within this collection relate to Judaism.

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Modern Day Influences on Judaism
A blog that discussing how current events are having an effect on Jewish practices.

Chabad House FSU Sanctuary
This picture shows the sanctuary where the Rabbi leads prayer.

Temple Israel's Sanctuary
This picture shows the sanctuary inside Temple Israel. This is where the Rabbi leads the prayer services. The congregants sit in the sanctuary for prayer services as well. This sanctuary was recently renovated in 2008 and resembles the Western Wall…

Chabad at FSU Arc Storing Torah
This is a photo of the Arc in which the Torah is stored in. One has to open the shades and the curtain to get to the Torah. The Torah that is in there came all the way from Miami when the Oirechman's moved to Tallahassee.

Temple Israel's Torahs
These are the three Torahs that Temple Israel uses in their prayer services and to study Judaism. The Torah is the Jewish peoples bible that they follow as they live their lives. The Torah is made up of the 5 Books of Moses. Temple Israel uses all 3…

Chabad FSU High Holiday Dinner
This is a photo of a "birds eye view" of what dinner looked like at this past High Holidays 2015. The Chabad House as one can see can hold many people!

Temple Israel's Stain Glass Window
This window was made by the Florida State University’s Master Craftsman Studio. They wanted to bring artwork into the temple's sanctuary and figured this would be the best way possible. The artwork is beautiful and is a great way to feel a deeper…

Arab-Israeli Conflict
Unbiased overview of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This paper describes the history of the conflict, a general overview of why this is happening, and the crisis that is still ongoing today. This will inform the reader of what the term Zionism is and how…

Rabbi Benjamin Frankel
Picture of the man who first came up with the organization and was the President when it first began.

First Hillel at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
This is where the first Hillel was located
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