An Essay on How Christianity Has Transformed Over Time

An essay on how Christianity
has transformed over time.

Samantha Eunice, Fall 2015

This essay is a close study of how Christian beliefs have transformed over the years. Addressed in this essay are the controversies around America that are causing great tension between Evangelical Christians and Liberal Christians. Evangelical Christian beliefs are closely compared with Liberal Christian beliefs on their attitudes towards same-sex marriage rights and abortion rights. Each controversial issue begins with brief background of the issue and then goes into the contrasting beliefs that the two Christian groups argue. This essay examines how the Bible has shaped evangelical Christians beliefs on same-sex marriage and abortion rights. Following, the Liberal Christian principles are examined by how modern society has shaped their beliefs towards the two controversies.

This essay goes into a detailed description of why these two Christian groups have such strong attitudes regarding same-sex marriage and abortion rights. It is explained that Evangelical Christians oppose same-sex marriage because the Bible claims that God formed men and women to become one through marriage and that same-sex unions are a sin. In comparison, Liberal Christians argue that homosexuality should be accepted because everyone should have equal rights to marry who they love. The essay then touches on abortion and why Evangelical Christians consider it murder and a sin. It then compares the Liberal Christians view on why abortion should remain legal, with supporting facts about why abortion is necessary in todays society. While both groups share a common Christian background, they are separated by how they interpret the Bible and what they personally believe upholds Christian standards.