Blog on Animals In Worldly Religions *

Blog annalyzing the interaction between followers of religions interact with animals. 

[Eric Eidenire, Fall 2015]

This blog looks at the role animals play, both presently and historically, throughout the practice of religions. Mostly including major religions, but also looking at certain indigenous practices and customs, this blog begins with historical context and how different religious texts and traditions address and view animals regarding practices of worship, and dietary restrictions. Further, the blog looks deeper into the reasoning behind the prohibition of certain meats by certain religions. The appearance of deities with human like characteristics is also a major theme addressed as the blog look at which animals are represented as divine entities in certain religions, as well as the animal companions to human deities, commonly observed throughout a vast array of religious texts. Comparing different traditions and religions, the blog goes through the major religions including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism as we see the different practices and customs that are reflected by both religions. Throughout the blog, the idea of the soul of an animal is viewed differently by the followers of different religions, and often reflects the way the followers treat the souls of all living creatures. When religions themselves are moved and the practices every changing throughout the progression of history, changes in the way certain aspects within the religion are viewed affect lives that stretch much further than the followers of that religion. The dynamic and interaction between animals and religious followers is a constantly changing and shifting balance and, by looking at the ways these interactions have, and continue to, occur can improve both sides.