Essay examining anti-Semitism in the past and today

A history of anti-Semitism and an explanation about how it is still prevalent today.

Nicole Halpryn, Fall 2015

This item is a thesis essay explaining the history of anti-Semitism and how it is still prevalent today. The essay explains that Anti-Semitism is the hostility toward or the discrimination directed against Jews because of their religion, race, and ethnicity. Furthermore, anti-Semitism has developed into attempts of fully degrading Jews politically, economically, and socially. Anti-Semitism is demonstrated by acts of hatred that target Jewish people, their religious practices, and the Jewish state of Israel. Throughout history, Jews have been brutally persecuted and this hatred has resulted in the death of many innocent lives. The essay goes into the history of anti-Semitism, and how Jews have been blamed since biblical times. Throughout history, Jews have been killed and persecuted solely because they are different, and they have continuously been used as scapegoats. This item also includes the history of the Holocaust and the affect it had on anti-Semitism today. This explains how the world has not learned from the Holocaust, and how anti-Semitism is on the rise today. This essays explains that today anti-Semitism is not only driven by religious and racial factors, but also ideological and political. This stands as threat to humanity, and it is unfortunate that the world has yet to learn from the atrocities that have occurred. The essay explains that the more we ignore anti-Semitism, the more it will escalate. Ultimately, what has happened to past generations can likely happen to future generations. This essay argues that the world needs to use history as a striking reminder and we need to speak up against anti-Semitism.