Blog Post on Body Art and Religion

A handful of ideas on the place religion holds in the world of tattoos and body modification.

Adrian Mittermayr, Fall 2015

This blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas about the ties between religion and body art and/or body modifications.  Tattoos, piercings, and other types of body art have always held a controversial place in society, and there has always been a lingering question about the level of acceptance certain religions give regarding these actions that alter the body with which one was created.  I was interested to see what some religions specifically taught, and to learn that there was even a religion built on the foundation of body modification as a pathway to spirituality.  I explored the good, bad, and a little ugly about people’s choices to get tattoos of religious significance, and I gave my own opinions on where I think body art stands in these religious arenas.

I believe this blog explores a few different angles of the relationship between something many people goes against religion, and religion itself.  I used some of my own insight and experience to help guide my thoughts and lead my research.  I think my favorite part of creating my posts was looking up all of the images for my post on religious tattoos.  Just a sneak peek, I found some really great images of some of people’s ideas on religious tattoos gone wrong in some way or another.  If you’re looking for a chuckle, check out that post. 

I appreciate you taking a moment to look at my blog and to read my thoughts.  Hopefully I have sparked a little interest to maybe look a little deeper into the body art people display proudly.  It just may be their spirituality on display.