Argument Catholic doctrine vs Protestant: Purgatory, Baptism, and Communion *

Catholic doctrine vs. Protestant:Purgatory, Baptism, Communion


[Ronald A. Sharpe, Fall 2015]

Since the beginning of time man has marveled over the thought of life after this death. Under the realm of Christianity comes the thought process of Heaven and Hell. Christian belief is that there is one God and he and he alone is all powerful and all knowing. The Roman Catholic Church was the sole Christian religion before the Protestant reformation, initiated by the acts of Martin Luther. Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church by nailing to the church door 95 "theses" of overindulgences. From this moment forward, the Christian faith has splintered into many sects with many interpretations of the scriptures The focus of this document is to dive into the discussion of the Roman Catholic doctrine and the Protestant doctrine, on multiple issues. These issues all surround the pathway to life eternal. The way these to doctrines interpret the scriptures and implement their teachings to their followers. The topics that discussed are the relevance of purgatory, baptism, communion, and why each belief system is interpreting the scriptures the way that they are. What is the purpose of purgatory? How can someone be save? We even discuss the fact that the two sect of Christianity do believe and understand the importance of baptism. However, one normally baptizes the children while they are still in the infant stage and the other , allows you to mature before making such an important decision in one's life. In the end, all Christianity believe in the same God, the only difference is the way interpret scripture. [Created just after deadline.]