Catholics Vs. Government *

[Nicole Beninato, Fall 2015]

Since the right of Catholics has also been so questioned I decided to do my research and do a project about it. I was specifically curious about why Catholics are all of the sudden being told that they need to support groups and organizations such as planned parenthood. This goes against their faith because planned parenthood supports pro choice efforts where as Catholics support pro life efforts. I also however understand and respect all of the amazing things that planned parenthood does for women, so to go and assume that it was all bad struck me as slightly unfair. In my research I found that the sepertation between church and state issue has been going on for centuries. So although this specific topic may be trending now, there have always been things that the church and state did not see eye to eye on. The different published articals I used are from scholars all found on one of the libraries databases known as JSTOR. The information I found was very interesting and a lot of things I had not even considered were among the material that I found. I also found that certain statements made on each side were hypocritical. Overall I am glad I wrote this because I found it to be very informative and I learned a great deal. I also feel confident now in the fact that I will be able to discuss this in a more informed way as well as have a justified reason for the side I took.