Essay of the Impact of College on Religion

Aaron Strange, Fall 2015

Making choices in life can be difficult, none more difficult than choosing a religion that best suits you. Most decisions in life are made based on personal actions and beliefs however at a young and impressionable age college students can get lost with religion with little to no guidance. This tends to be the case in modern day culture. It isn’t that universities are targeting a specific religion but in a place where facts are the only submission able materials in everyday lectures. This creates an identity crisis of religion to the students. One has to agree that the premise of College is to learn and to educate oneself about what their future goals are, to prepare for a career in whatever field is most intriguing to the individual. Still, in finding ones future identity while attending college it should be noted that religion can actually be a part of what makes you who you are. The argument is not to require an individual to stay with the exact religion that the students’ parents follow but to still have the option to learn and grow in the topic of religion and to find what calls to the person. In often cases it is no religion that is the best math for the individual however it is one of those things that you will not know for sure till you search and without taking a class on religion most students go fours being ignorant to what religion is and what it can do for you.