Blog: Different Religions and Different Perspectives

A blog consisting of interviews with young adults about their religious beliefs. 

Emily Hernandez, Fall 2015

This blog is titled Religions: different perspectives. The purpose of this blog is to broaden knowledge and understanding through interviewing peers about their religious beliefs. I was able to interview four people around the age of twenty, and each of them had a different religion to speak about. The four religions that are discussed are Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. I am a Christian so learning about the other three religions was very interesting to me and I wanted to write the blog to be able to give others that same chance to learn about these four distinct and popular religions. I was lucky to have friends and willing participants to interview. They all opened up to me and they gave me an understanding and appreciation for their religion. I asked each person about how they believed their religion has shaped them as a person, what they thought was unique about their faith and what their favorite religious tradition was. We also discussed reasons behind being a believer and what they wanted others to know about their religion. My purpose behind this idea is to promote understanding of others. There is a lot of conflict in the world when it comes to religion and I believe that it stems from lack of knowledge. These interviews were powerful and they gave me insight on the differences, but more importantly, the similarities between us all. The tagline of my blog is a quote that I stumbled across and I felt that it was very powerful for this subject: “Listen to understand. Understanding is more powerful than knowledge.”