Blog Posts on College Students and Religion

A collection of blog posts discussing how religion affects college students. 

Jane Homrich Fall 2015

This artifact is a blog post and the theme and title is “College Students and Religion.” Throughout the blog there are several posts that were created over the course of several weeks that relate to this subject. These posts discuss whether or not being involved in a religion as a college students affects their lives and if so to what extent does religion impact today’s young adults. Some of the posts talk about specific religious organizations for example Cru, the Campus Crusade for Christ, which takes place on college campuses around the nation and encourages students on college campuses to practice their faith. Other posts talk about the social aspect of being involved in a religion and how that affects a college student’s life. For example, whether or not moving away from home has affected their religious beliefs and how often they practice their religion. The blog also covers some societal issues of today for example the topic of gay marriage. It researches how a person’s religious views can affect their political and societal views but it focuses on how the younger generation is dealing with these issues. In the blog there are several images, links and videos that viewers can access to further research and look into these topics.  Overall, the blog stays true to its theme by relating each topic to today’s younger generation and religion. Whilst doing this it still covers a widespread number of issues from whether or not students practice religion after leaving home to specific organizations students can become involved with on their college campuses.