Essay on World Religions Should Be Taught in Public Schools *

An Essay on why World Religions Should be taught in Public Schools     



Sarah Bryant, Fall 2015

In this essay, I am talking about why world religions should be taught in public schools. For my research, I used a journal article that talks about someone who went international to look at a school district in Europe that teaches world religions. I also used a journal article that talks about Calfornia using the world religions class after having issues with discrimination. World religions class will help children in public schools become more aware of their surroundings and also helps them become a better person all in all. World religions being taught in public schools is a very controversial issue because many parents believes that the class will be taught with a bias, but that is not the case. Many parents do not have a say in what the curriculum will be for their child. With the schools that do teach World Religions, they try to make the class unbiased by using the open discussions after using the textbook. 

After going through the research, It is clear that world religions should be taught in Public Schools. [Omeka exhibit site created after deadline.]