Blog post on Forgiveness in different religions

Brittnie Allen , Fall 2015.

This is a blog about forgiveness in different religions. In the blog I discuss the definition of forgiveness. This blog is about what it means to forgive someone. It talks about letting go of anger and freeing yourself from stress. Forgiveness is not easy and it takes time and this blog discusses that. In the blog I define forgiveness as making peace with someone, or something. Forgiveness is one of the most important issues that everyone will face in their life. Everyone has been hurt by someone in their life at one point, or another.  Plenty of people and religions see forgiveness as decision to let go of grievances and not seek revenge.  I alk about how Forgiveness can affect your well-being. It is one of the greatest power a human can possess. If   forgiveness could be a secret potion that could be bottled up and sold it would save a lot of heart-break in the world. What does it mean to really forgive someone? How do you forgive someone? These are the questions that come to one’s mind when you discuss the topic of forgiveness. In the blog it shows the differences of forgiveness in other cultures like, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. Forgiveness is important in Islam. Their followers (Muslims) turn to Allah for forgiveness for their sins. The blog has a video of sermon about letting go your past and starting your life over and my personal encounters with forgiving someone who hurt me in my past.

The Bog Post are in this order:

1)      What does it mean to forgive?

2)      How do you forgive someone Why should you forgive

3)      Forgiveness in different religions

4)       The sermon rom T.D. Jakes : I never said the road would be easy

5)       The absence of my Father.