Blog posts on interfaith marriages

A collection of blogs about interfaith marraiges. 

Emily Desouza, Fall 2015

Hi everyone! Just to clarify, I created this blog for my online religion class. I currently attend the Florida State University and I am a senior majoring in Marketing. This blog is geared towards interfaith relationships and how they can potentially affect each other along with their children and other relatives. I will be answering some of the following questions: What are some of the decisions a couple has to make before deciding to start a family? How do you decide which religion your child or children follow? Will your household always be chaotic? Will you constantly argue with one another? These are just a few questions that pop into my mind when thinking about this topic. My goal is to cover these topics and find some articles or others types of research based on this topic as well. I also included an interview that has the following topics mentioned: wedding tension due to parents also obtaining different religious views and having a first child.