Blog posts : How ISIS uses modern marketing techniques for recruiting purposes *

A collection of Blog Posts relating to ISIS and modern marketing 

Felton, Deonna Fall 2015

This is a blog created by an FSU student in the Fall 2015 semester for REL 1300, Introduction to World Religions. In this blog you will find posts about ISIS a group you may or may not be familiar with. In these posts you will discover how ISIS an extreme terrorist group associated with Islam, uses modern marketing to gain recruits from all around the world. These blog posts will uncover everything from women recruits, personal stories, social media, and propaganda videos. These posts were made to insure that the individual understands that the group uses more than one outlet to reach potential recruits. You will find posts about books relating to recruitment, tumblr pages, pictures used for propaganda and much more. This topic gives a different approach to the reason the group has sky rocketed in numbers over the years. The blog will answer questions many people ask such as why would my child want to join a group that kills? Why are normal Americans joining the group? And, what drives individuals to carry out such detrimental acts. Read more to see how aspects such as the ones mentioned above drive individuals to join the group in their fight against the world. [Omeka exhibit site created after deadline.]