Blog posts on the modern day influences on Judaism *

Collection of blog posts describing the influences that modern day issues have on the Jewish faith.

[Kalie S Burke, Fall 2015]

This artifact is a project for Introduction to World Religions at Florida State University. Kalie Savannah Burke, a sophomore, compiled this artifact and published it. The original artifact was created using and converted to PDF. The artifact is a collection of blog posts that goes into detail about how modern day issues and current events have a negative impact on the Jewish faith. Some issues discussed are heated political debates, religious tensions between Christian groups, and issues that arose in the pop culture sphere. Pulling from historical events and information learned over the course of the semester, these current events are analyzed and the issues that impose themselves on the Jewish faith are discussed. There are five different events and issues discussed. The repercussions of these issues are discussed and the future of the Jewish faith is made mention of. The more conservative Jewish people are the group that the blog mainly focuses on, as the more liberal groups are not as affected by the changes that our world is undergoing. For example, one article discusses the rising tensions in the Middle East and the Jewish state of Israel. Another article discusses the debate of the new Starbuck’s holiday cups and the rising tensions between strict religious groups and the rest of the world’s population. This post makes mention of how certain religious groups are being marginalized as a result of the larger religious groups. Other posts speak of government policies and issues that arose from governments intervening in religion. [Omeka exhibit site created after deadline.]