The religion traditions impact on the world *

[Calvin V. Brewton, Fall 2015]

This is an essay discussing the importance of religion in our world. Throughout this paper three main religion groups are described, all of which left a significant impact on our world. The three main religious groups in the world are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. These three groups are responsible for over billions of followers across the world. Throughout this essay there will be pictures displayed to show example of the symbols sacred to each religion. For each religious group I describe the beliefs, values, history, and attire. Through these groups of religion, their practices explain   the actual meaning of life. Each group has a certain ethnic group for their following that are well known Judaism is really for the Jewish population, Islam for Muslim population, and Christians seek to have a wide range of ethnicities that are led by the Americans. In addition, each of the religions has geographic areas in which they are highly popular. Judaism is popular in the Middle East. Islam is largely practiced in countries located in the Middle East as well. Christianity has a huge following all over the globe, but majority of the Christian followers live western countries. This essay will also demonstrate how each of these major religions were founded. Judaism is the oldest of three religions since its beginnings over 3500 years ago. After Judaism, Islam began its practices in the year 610. Last to develop was Christianity, which was established 7 B.C. Although it is the youngest of the three religions, Christianity has the most followers in the world today. [Title grammar issues.]