Blog Posts On Religion In Business *

[Casey A. Walters, Fall 2015]

This is a compilation of blog posts. The topic of the posts is the role religion played in businesses. The question was if religion should be involved in business. The blog posts look at three successful companies that each had a different relationship with religion. The businesses are Chick-fil-A, Forever21, and Starbucks. Each one had a different encounter with religion. Chick-fil-A has a positive relation ship with religion. They are publically vocal about their beliefs and act accordingly. Forever 21 has a different experience with religion. They are publically religious but, do not act the accordingly. They have had scandals and other instances that show they do not act in a fitting way. This is something people notice and have talked about online and in the media. Lastly, the blog posts talk about Starbucks. This holiday season the infamous plain red cups were produced. This is different from the other two examples because Starbucks was trying to include everyone. Instead of one religions holiday decorations they left the cup plain. They wanted people to be able to decorate their cup however they chose. People were upset with the lack of holiday spirit on the cup. The outcome of the blog post shows how the research changed the original view on whether religion should be in business. It is a controversial concept and there might not be a definite answer. What works for some may not work for others. Looking at the three different companies they are all very successful and each had a different experience with religion. Publically being religious may help or hurt a company but it is clear that no matter which situation it is possible to be successful.