Blog Posts on Religion in Public Schools

A Collection of Blog Posts
Regarding Religion in Public Schools.

Megan Kroh, Fall 2015

This document in a collection on blog posts regarding issues concerning religion in public schools. Every person in the United States, student, teacher, and parent, faces the controversy of teaching religion in public schools on a daily basis. There are many issues that are included. These issues include the teaching of religion classes, yoga, prayer, religious holidays, and many more. In this blog, I address multiple issues like the ones stated. Each post also includes a link and/or a picture related to the topic discussed. With formatting issues, some images may not be viewable for everyone. For this, I apologize. I include my thoughts on each issue including facts and opinions from others and written articles on the issue. Below is a list of the issues addresses in my posts.

  • Religious Organizations
  • Religion courses
  • Religious literature
  • Yoga
  • Prayer on the sports field
  • Prayer in class
  • Teaching religion

Religion is a very controversial issue in our world today. Religion in public schools is one of those concepts that people either whole-heartedly believe in, or they completely oppose of the idea and concept.  With that being said, I hope you enjoy each one of my posts and the comments that have been written in response to my ideas. These posts are in no way meant to start controversy or aim any hard feelings towards anyone. The posts are simply my thoughts and opinions being expressed through a blog. I apologize if some of you disagree strongly.