Blog Post on Roman Catholicism Holy Sacraments and How it Affects Family Life

An extensive blog post on Roman Catholicism Sacraments And Their Affects on Family Life

Wilbor, Jessica Fall 2015

In this blog, I have uncovered the seven Roman Catholicism Holy Sacraments and how each one affects one’s family. I chose this topic because I was raised Catholic and Protestant and got to participate in many of these sacraments, as well as discuss the topic with my family. I have seen first hand how some of these Sacraments can affect family life but I also wanted to know more! I was able to do that through extensive secondary research including videos, case studies, and interviews!

What are Roman Catholicism Sacraments? Roman Catholic teaching holds that there are seven sacraments, which Christ instituted and entrusted to the Church. Sacraments are rituals that Catholic followers see as signs of God’s presence and channels of His grace.

The seven sacraments include:

  • Baptism 
  • The Eucharist (Communion)
  • Penance (Reconciliation)
  • Confirmation
  • Holy Matrimony (Marriage)
  • Ordination (Holy Orders)
  • Anointing of the Sick. 

This blog will go into a deep dive of how these sacraments are utilized in Roman Catholic lives and especially how they affect family life.