Secular Churches, a Documentary

Frank Valcarcel, Fall 2015

This video examines the similarities between secular/atheist churches and religious churches by looking at what is likely the most popular secular church, The Sunday Assembly.

This examination of "secular churches," begins by explaining what The Sunday Assembly is, and maybe more importantly, what it is not; this explination includes statements from the founders on why they started the Sunday Asembly and what it means to them. Since some would say one cannot have a “church” without both God and controversy, the examination then looks at how an organization like The Sunday Assembly is viewed by members of other religious groups. The video compares the practices and ceremonies of each type of church as well as the intentions and what services each church provide. In addition to this, it identifies each typical church member. Their personalities, ambitions, and what they hope to get out of their involvement in their respective church.

Some of the topics, themes, and questions which I hope to explore and answer in this video are:
1. Is secular humanism a religion? Can it be in certain circumstances?
2. Can the atheist church be equally as good as the religious one?
3. What are some of the negatives of the secular church?
4. What are the positives?
5. In what ways does the secular church excel from its religious counterparts.
6. In what ways does the secular church fall behind?



Video is Courtesy of The Sunday Assembly, Let The Quran Speak,, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Photos courtesy of The Sunday Assembly, or licensed for reuse.