Tackling Jewish Traditions Blog *


A blog discussing Jewish traditions and their change over time. 

[Victoria Bang, Fall 2015]

Judaism is full of all kinds of traditions, from dietary laws to breaking a glass at a wedding. Throughout this blog I have chosen specific traditions to study. I also focus on the difference between Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism. It is important for people to understand how these two branches view different traditions and the reason behind it. For example, Reform Jews do not follow kosher laws as strictly as Orthodox Jews because they have adapted to today’s society and the food that is available to them. This blog explores the different traditions of prayer and how important they are to the religion. For example, it discusses the coming of age for young boys known as Bar Mitzvah which requires them to read a prayer from the Torah. This is very important because it is their first time reading a whole prayer in Hebrew to their closest friends and family. This blog also discusses the tradition of wearing the kippah and explains that Orthodox Jews believe it should be worn at all times, while reform Jews believe it is only necessary for prayer services and holidays. Last, this blog goes into detail about some of the holidays celebrated by the Jews, while including a history background. It is important for people in all religions to learn the traditions of other religions because everyone needs to learn to be respectful of others. By learning about Jewish traditions and learning the meaning behind it, it will help people to respect their traditions. This blog includes short summaries of a few Jewish traditions and how they have changed over time.