Blog Post: Young Adults in Religion *

A collection of blogs about the lack of young adults practicing religion. 

[Conner J. Hourigan, Fall 2015]

In my blog about young adults in religion, I discuss many different things. The world, especially the United States, is facing a major problem. When children grow up and become young adults and live on their own, the tend to neglect church and not practice their religion. This is a very scary thing for chuches. In my blog, I discuss the cause and effects of this situation. I also visited two churches over the time of this semester and got their opinion as to why they think there are less young adults in the church today. Then I compared the two different churches to see what they had in common about the situation. They both said almost word for word the exact thing. I then gave my own reasons as to why I believe there is a lack of young adults in the church. The results were nearly the same. They both told me that they are trying to create organizations and programs to try to encourage children and teenagers to stay in the church. If young adults continue to leave the church and not come back, churches will be greatly affected. The main cause of young adults not going to church is because they are lazy. Since they are not forced to go to church anymore, they feel like it is ok to stop going. Another big reason is because modern technology has become so advanced, that young adults feel like they can go online and watch the mass or look up the homily. This needs to stop. If they do not return to the church, then it is likely that their children will not attend church. This downward spiral needs to be stopped as soon as possible. In my blog you will see what causes this problem and the effects it has.