Essay on Analyzing Worldwide Divisions Between Religion and State

PDF of Essay Analyzing Worldwide

Divisions Between Church and State 

By Whitney Foote, Spring 2016

This essay identifies and analyzes the separation of religion and state worldwide looking specifically into Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in the United States of America and the Middle East. Whether it be locally, nationally or internationally, different religious beliefs and ideals are prevalent within every group of people. The human race contains various, undeniable differences as well as parallels, but that is what makes each country and their religious practices so diverse. These contrasting cultural norms and their respective governments have an immense affect on how societies view and practice religions. 

 The boundary dividing the separation between religion and state is not very distinct in today’s societies and as a result governments worldwide struggle to find this middle ground. The impact of the overlap of religion and state is dependent upon the type of authority in charge and consequently no two countries will have the same exact distinction. No religion is going to be treated or reverenced the same in any one country due to varying types of government, political views and the extent or lack of freedom.

 Cultural and religious influences have the potential to unite people towards common achievements or to isolate society for mistreatment and adversity. The fact that groups of people and their religious beliefs differ is what makes these different cultures worldwide so unique. Despite contradictory cultures, governments and beliefs it is amazing to see how so many religions are existing side by side and even though they might not agree on many aspects they still respect each other and their beliefs.

Essay on Analyzing Worldwide Divisions Between Religion and State