Spiritual vs Religious


PDF of blog about the arguments 

of being spiritual and/or religious

By Cali N Merwin, REL1300 Spring 2016

            The blog I created consists of five posts that explain common misconceptions, interpretations, definitions, explanations, and images about the debate between being spiritual and/or religious. One of the most common debates that arises when speaking about different religions and beliefs that people may (or may not) have centers around whether one is spiritual, religious, or both.

            My first blog post discusses strictly spirituality. Within this blog I define the simple term of “spiritual,” and then go on to explain what being spiritual means. The second blog is focused on what being religious actually means. Religious is a very loosely used term and many people misuse it. Within this blog I touch on what implications come along with being religious. It only makes sense that the third blog would differentiate between being spiritual and being religious. This blog post makes a strong differentiation between the two commonly confused terms. Often times people think “religious” and “spiritual” go hand-in-hand, but in actuality that is not always the case. This blog discusses arguments that arise between the two terms. The fourth blog discusses Buddhism. Buddhism is a debatable religion that many people claim is actual just spiritual, and not a real religion. Buddhism is sometimes deemed to be the most non-religious religion. The fifth blog touches on philosophy. Philosophy often connects to being religious yet many people fail to differentiate between the implications of the two terms. In this blog I talk about what philosophy is, what religion is, and what the common aspects are between the two.

            This blog, “Spiritual VS Religious,” merely touches on all that comes out of the debate between what being spiritual means versus what being religious means, however, it is an informational introduction to many common debates and discrepancies.