How Christianity is Viewed

By Amanda N. Wallace Spring 2016

This paper is about how Christianity is viewed.  It explains how Christians should be using the Bible as a guideline to try and live a righteous life. There are verses that help Christians stay on that path and when they may be questioning themselves they can look to the Bible for guidance. It is also about how Christians trying to live a righteous life began creating their own patterns such as attending church on Sunday’s.  With Sunday’s being the day of worship it has become the most segregated day in the United States. Why are we allowing Sunday's to be the most segregated day when we are all joining together to worship the same God? Segregation on Sunday’s is applied to both race and religion. How many religions worship on Sunday’s?  Why are we separated? It also explains how Christians should respond to multiple worldviews. There are times when Christians will not agree with what is going on in the world but it is important that we continue to respect one another.  We can agree to disagree.  Christians should be respectful and spread the word of God because the goal is to successfully witness to others.  When interacting with others they may already have a religious preference and it is important to respect their religion while witnessing.  Just because someone already attends a church or maybe they are not living a religious life at all they should not be treated disrespectfully.  How are we going to convert people to Christianity if we are disrespectful?