Essay on Discrimination of Muslims in America

Discrimination, Prejudice, and Stereotypes: Maltreatment of Muslims in America

PDF of essay about Discrimination of Muslims in America

By Jacob Koppelman, Spring 2016

Followers of Islam have been treated with such disdain throughout American history; such maltreatment was exacerbated as a result of the 2001 terrorist attacks. Muslim people living in America are further impacted by the American culture today. Islamic customs and beliefs are subject to alteration in order for Muslim people to conform to American society. Several aspects of their religion must be compromised and sacrificed in order to avoid ridicule. Furthermore, Muslim people are often discriminated against and treated unfairly due to their faith. This type of discrimination can be seen by prominent political figures, on the media, and in everyday life. Ultimately, acceptance and respect are catching on in the minds of the American people; unfortunately, members of the older generation continue to be discriminate against followers of Islam.

In the future, it would be ideal for Muslims to feel free to practice their faith and express themselves as is their right presented in the Constitution. It is the duty of the American population to accept their fellow Americans, regardless of skin color, gender, or religious affiliation.