Essay about the application of Darwin's theory on World Relgions


By Thomas Dolan 

April 15th, 2016

           The goal of this essay is to inform readers of an alternative outlook on the way in which humanity has developed over the course of history. The brief excerpts of the Torah are the interpretations I’ve developed over the course of my ten years at private Catholic schools. They’re designed to give the reader a brief history of the events that took place in order for them to apply the Darwin observation. There is a brief biography on Charles Darwin to help the reader understand his background and credibility. Upon giving the history of the theory, I gave examples of Christian responses to the theory and how it influenced early 20th century America. Later, I go on to explain the importance of religion. Prior to our discoveries of countless scientific breakthroughs, Humans did not have capacity to solve life’s simplest of questions that we have since answered and take advantage of today. Darwin simply presented the “idea” that there is no need for an overseeing deity, which paved the way for future scientists. The impact of his theory thrust technology into an entirely new era. Since his breakthrough 150 years ago, humans have invented the automobile, the airplane, atomic bomb, Internet, etc. Darwin was another to open the door to scientific possibilities, once deemed unattainable.

            This topic has been on the minds of billions since the theory was established. I’d like my reader to understand the significance of Darwin’s theory and be able to identify particular instances that coincide with his ideas. Understanding the history and actions of humanity helps us predict trends and prevent future set backs. I have no intention of challenging the beliefs of others. There are an infinite number of questions that will remain unanswered for generations to come. As long as one’s faith promotes the well-being of all and strives for the removal of suffering from our every day lives, I see no reason why faith and science can’t coexist. Problems occur when unwanted ideologies of the past are misinterpreted as the word of god. Ignorance is the plague and empathy the cure.


           “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” –Charles Darwin