Religion and the environment

Religion and the environment

This is my blog on environment and religion, PDF format

John Bixler, Spring 2016

My blog is on religion and how it related back to the environment, and I use one main verse (Genesis 1:26) and the foundation for my discussion. There are many things that play a role on environmental degradation, and my blog aimed to help those who are not environmentally savvy to think outside the box. Many things that play a role in degradation are directly linked to behaviors, such as agriculture and transportation.

The ideology of certain beliefs lays the foundation for the amount those beliefs to contribute to degradation, so for example, you will read about the ideology of Genesis 1:26, and how it is observed from different perspectives with regard to degradation.

I have also got a few compare/contrast scenarios in my blog involving terms such as domination, dominion, and likeness. Throughout the blog, we explore how these different terms apply to degradation, and in what ways.  

I have placed my 5 blog posts in descending order, and some of the post’s have pictures on the following page. As you read through, really try to observe each theme from a different point of view.