Essay on Importance of Israel and the United States to the Jewish People

PDF of essay about the importance of Israel & the United States to the Jewish people

By Jacob Najjar, Spring 2016

This essay describes the essential components both Israel and the United States provide to Jewish people around the world. With these two governments in place, the fate of modern day Jewish life would be headed towards detriment. This essay focuses on the aspects that both of these countries posses that make them safe havens for the Jewish people.

 This essay goes in depth on issues that concern international relations between countries, Jewish history and modern day events throughout the United States, Israel, and Europe. A reader of this essay will gain exponential knowledge on the importance of the establishment of the state of Israel, the United States’ alliance with Israel, and how the United States plays a key role in keeping Jewish people safe in both their own country and Israel.

 Since its inception, Israel has been under strict scrutiny by its neighboring countries. This essay demonstrates this pastime, and how if certain circumstances arise these pastimes will repeat. Once looked upon as a nation that is weak and frail, Israel has shown time and again how it remains a strong nation even though it has the equivalent area of the state of New Jersey. The readers of this essay will gain an in depth understanding of how Israel has become a strong nation that has relied on its innovation and partnership with United States to stay strong through tough times. There is a vast amount of evidence throughout the essay that will demonstrate this importance. 

Essay on Importance of Israel and the United States to the Jewish People