Blog on In Vitro Fertilization in Religion

PDF blog about in vitro fertilization in religion.

Alyssa Ferlin, Spring 2016

This blog covers how different religions feel about in vitro fertilization. Since it is a relatively new technology, there are still many questions regarding the acceptation and limitations in each religion. Fertility issues are a problem for many couples that then want to turn to reproductive technology for help conceiving a child. However, due to the fact that these reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization, are not natural, and as many religions consider the doctor to essentially be "playing god," it causes some problems in certain religions. This particular blog will discuss in vitro fertilization in Catholicism, which is broken down in to the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, and the Orthodox Church, Judaism, and Islam. Surprisingly, even within Catholicism, each church has different rules and regulations regarding in vitro fertilization.

Since I would like to enter the field of medicine and one of my primary interests is obstetrics and gynecology, I think it is important to know the restrictions within different religions as I try to help couples conceive a child. By knowing this information, the doctor can suggest the best option and create a plan that works while obeying that religion’s beliefs, as long as they do not completely disagree with in vitro fertilization.