Blog on Jews in the Diaspora

By: Jessica Rotterman Spring, 2016

This blog covers the history of the migration of Jews after WWII. It takes the history of the Jewish people right before WWII and in the time where Nazism was gaining power. The blog shows how the Jews were persecuted, humiliated and publicly threat to death. 

The blog focuses on the stereotype Jews had at this time and how they were seen as "pigs"" or an inferior race leading to a level of hate which not only promoted antisemitism but made many Jews leave their home and try to escape to begin a new life. Pogroms are mentioned and so are concentration camps as well as life after WWII and the destiny for the Jewish people. Where to go? And here is where the turning point is: the blog explains how the Jews managed to change their reputation in the foreign countries they were "forced" to arrive and settle. 

The explanation behind the success of the Jewish people today days is covered as well as a brief look up to the biggest communities in the diaspora and of course Israel plays a crucial role in the story so it couldn't be left out. 

Jews living stronger than ever and the history behind it. All this and more!