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PDF of blog about Christian and Jewish tradition and customs, disussing similarities and differences. 

By Eva Mustian, REL1300 Spring 2016


This is a blog I created for REL1300 in order to delve more into the understanding the differences, but, more importantly the similarities, between Christian and Jewish customs. This is a very important topic because I feel as though these two traditions are seen as very prevalent in our society today, as a very large majority of America today is either Christian or Jewish (with other religions of course, but for the sake of this project, we will be focuing on these two traditions.) In this blog, I will be discussing the importance between these two traditions.


The first thing I will be focusing on will be the similarities between the two in the origins of their religions. This is important to know to better understand the logistics of these religions. By understanding more about these religions, we can further learn to respect these religions. As stated before, in this blog you will see the comparison of the two religions both from the aspects of origins and how these comparisons continue to show themselves today in society through different traditions and customs.