Nazi Regime By Connor Marrone

This is a PDF essay on the Natzi Regime 

Tallahassee FL

This essay is about how Hitler and the Nazis almost successfully whipped out the whole Jewish faith. I started by introducing Hitler as an individual, and then went into detail about how he affected the spread of Judaism and how he tried to completely extinguish the Jews and their religion. His ideologies and leadership had a substantial affect on the Jewish people. These caused many conflicts among the people not only in Germany. This sparked a revolution inspiring other nations to lend a helping hand to the Jews in Germany at the time. From there, I went into discussing how this issue actually affected the Jews. This man, Hitler, had a troubling affect on many areas not only in Germany. This essay goes into detail explaining how he tried to eliminate and almost successfully eliminated the Jews in their entirety. That was his goal, and his mission, and it had a substantial impact on the faith as a whole not just in Europe. But it instilled fear in almost everyone around the world who was practicing this religion, as the Nazi takeover was a genuine scare. Hitler was almost successful, but had it not been for the help of other nations, the Jews would have been extinguished as a whole.