Religion and Afterlife

Religion and Afterlife- Remy Swopes, Spring 2016

Religion and Afterlife is a blog that consists of five different posts that each talk about the beliefs that religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and Jehovah’s Witness have when it comes to the afterlife and what happens before you get there or udgement period as some call it. The first blog starts off talking about Christianity alone and their beliefs in heaven, hell and purgatory as well. As the posts continue on through the month they go on to talk about how the different views compare to one another. Another big topic within the blog is Hinduism belief in reincarnation and how exactly that works and why the people believe that it occurs.

Some of the religions have similar views as each other while others are complete opposites. While reading this blog you will get a better description on these religions views of heaven and hell and everything in between the two that you may not have ordinarily known. It is an interesting topic to get to understand and grasp through the form of a blog.