Blog About Religion Cultural Impact through Violence and Peace

PDF of Blog related to Religions relation with Peace and Violence

By Thomas Hritz, Spring 2016


The relationship between religion and power is undeniable when looking back through history.  There has always been a means, or drive for religious sects to increase their influence throughout the world.   Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and more have all used their cultural impacts to grow their vast influence over the world.  Yet, no religion can wash their hands clean and claim to hold to their ideals when history is taken into account.

                  This artifact deals with the first hand look at three religions use of violence and peace to increase their religious impact globally.  The compilation of blogs is an in depth look at how religions masked their cultural grip on societies through means of violent killings, and peaceful missions.  Therefore readers can ascertain if religions truly do live by what they preach, or if the words of most holy texts are just fed to the masses, by hypocritical religious monarchs.

                  Ultimately, the artifact is an examination into the historical implications that lead religions to expand by any means possible.  Though violence and peace, generally broad terms, were major factors that allowed religions to grow, there were other means for which the same goal could be accomplished.  These blogs look at how these two specific forms of expansion were ideally used by each religion.