Blog on Jewish Endogamy

By Rachel H. Honig Spring 2016

My blog is an overview of Jewish endogamy in America. Jews have been known for marrying within their race. Over the years the idea of endogamy in Judaism has become less prevalent. Throughout my blog I touch on many different subjects regarding endogamy. 

Endogamy is becoming less important to Jews in America. Especially for Reform Jews, it is very common that Jews will marry non-jews. Throughout the blog I discover more and more about Judaism and the different views between different sects of Judaism. Even though Judaism is one religion, conservative and reform jews can have very different viewpoints on subjects such as endogamy. 

This blog shows the differences in Judaism and how the idea of endogamy is slowly becoming something that does not hold as much importance as it once did. The blog will hopefully help people understand why endogamy is something that serves a great importance to some jews, while other jews do not find it necesarry. Overall, the purpose of this blog is to educate everyone on what endogamy is, and how in America it is continuously changing.