An Examination of the Secularization Theory over the Past 50 Years

PDF of essay about the origin of the Secularization Theory and its evolution since. 

By: Michael J. Farr, Spring 2016

                The Secularization Theory has come to fruition extensively within the past fifty years. It states that over time, technology and science will make discoveries that are mutually exclusive with religion, and people will begin to lose religiosity. It is attributed to the incredible new scientific discoveries taking away religions’ governance and authority.

                As society has become more complex, many have denied the potential of the Secularization Theory. Although, some have said there are underlying truths in a complex web of sub-theories. The popularity and history of Judaism and Christianity bring up a plethora of undeniable points. But, if you closely analyze trends of the past 20 years, it points to surging proof of the Secularization Theory.

                Despite anyone’s personal beliefs on the subject, the Secularization Theory brings up an idea that could change the very makeup of society. Religion is one of the few things that the various dominant kingdoms throughout history have in common. While we cannot decide or predict if it is definitely occurring, we can keep our eye on it and speculate to the potential differences in society it will bring.