Society’s Impact on Religious Practice in the United States

PDF of essay about socio-cultural views and the impact it has on religion

Jason Barton, [Spring 2016]

Essay on the Society’s Impact on Religious Practice in the United States

This essay discusses the significant impact that religion and society have on each other. I discuss major topics such as abortion, the legalization of marijuana, and gay marriage to determine whether these recent changes in society’s viewpoints have been caused by a decrease in religious activity, or if these viewpoints have actually reduced the amount of religious activity in and of themselves. After much research it was determined that both of these statements are true. The two coincide with one another and create a cycle of decline in religion and more liberalization of societal viewpoints. I used many credible articles from well researched religious and news organizations. I also included the use of the Quran and the Bible to show the major differences on what those two books teach and what society in the United States is teaching.

This essay does not aim to convince the reader that the United States is backslidden against what they once were. Rather, it aims to open the eyes of the reader and show that there is a direct relationship between these two areas. This essay is persuasive but not biases toward one viewpoint or the other. This essay simply proves the fact that as time goes on, people’s viewpoints begin to modernize and religion stays relatively the same. Therefore, people begin to stray away from these older ideologies which creates a drop in religious activity.

Society’s Impact on Religious Practice in the United States