Essay about: Ted Cruz, the American Apostle

PDF of examination of Ted Cruz's rhetorical strategies and leadership

ability in concerning comparison to the Apostle Paul.

by Trevor Durham, Spring 2016


The current presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, is remarkably akin to the apostle Paul. In an examination of Cruz's speeches and rhetoric compared to the Pauline epistles, parallels between the two draw tight. 

The comparison becomes historical, rather than theological, when contextualized as Cruz's leadership of a new American evangelicalism as Paul led a new Gentile-Christianity. Following the Pauline doctrines into the Roman rule, Protestant Reformation, and Great Awakenings, we see that Cruz's stakes at leadership are entirely politically based as opposed to his theological precedent- Cruz's religious claims are being used as authority to gain power. 

Through the comparative rhetoric of the two speakers, the consequences and patterns emerging begin to draw important consideration towards end-goals and the leadership each provide.