Religious Institutions of Tallahassee, Spring 2016

One of the most important realizations a student can have while studying the various religions in the global community is that the local religious community in which they live is an integral part of the global religious environment and things that happen locally can and do have important, regional, state, national, and international implications. One of the slogans to come out of this realization about the relationship of the local and the global in the domain of environmentalism is the phrase “think globally, act locally.” This slogan also speaks to many important aspects of our culture, including business, health, government, and religion. Tallahassee is a religiously diverse community with over 300 different religious institutions representing dozens of faith traditions. This exhibit showcases a few of the Tallahassee religious institutions that make a significant impact on the community in general, and the Florida State University student body in particular. Each page gives a brief history of each institution, describing its heritage in the community, and the ways that it both serves the needs of the members, and the community at large.