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Essay analyzing worldwide divisions between church and state specifically Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in the United States and Middle East.

Religion and the environment
This is a blog which focuses on religion and how it affects Environmental degradation. This blog gives direct quotes and interpretation of different religious views, and how we may apply them to the environment. Also, this blog explores the ways we…
Blog describing various religious extremist or fundamentalist groups throughout history.
This essay is a research essay that analyzes and puts describes universal ideas of cultural diversity and religious freedom as a major effect on tradition. This essay analyses particular religious reports and reasons why people all over the world…
This document is a blog of different religious rites of passage for youth in varying religions around the world. The blog analyzes what these ceremonies signify to the participant, their family, and the community.
An in depth look at the use of violence and peace for religious exspantion
This blog focuses on how religion affects politics in the modern day. This blog went through different locations throughout the world and how each has a strong religious background that affects modern policies and laws coming into play. The main…
I am creating this blog for my Introduction to World Religion class at Florida State University.

Who doesn't love attending a wedding? It is so beautiful to be able to see two people who are in love get married. On top of that, you get…
These blogs describe the influence parents have on their children growing up within the Hinduism religion. They also inform readers about customs children adopt when born into a Hindu family.
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