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Front entrance of the Immanuel Baptist fellowship hall
The interior of Tallahassee's Immanuel Baptist church showing the cross and bell as you walk into the church.
Picture of the building sign in Tallahassee, FL showing the building committee of the church
This is the front of the building on 2351 Mahan Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32308
The current Baptist Collegiate Ministry's Garnet and Gold Guys pose while in seminole grounds during a football game at the Doak E. Campbell Stadium on the Florida State University's Campus.
This is a picture of the first building the church built. It was built in 1870 and remained open until 1974 when they demolished and rebuilt a new church on the same property.
The building where majority of activities are performed, this church was completed in 1975 and has remained the main building.
A collection of five photos that show some of the properties owned by the church. The annex, church, Bethel Towers and family life center are shown.
In 1957 the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church received a burning four foot cross on their doorstep.
This video shows the process of the BCM's Garnet and Gold Guys prepping and get ready for the activities and festivities that come along with Homecoming here at FSU.
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