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It is a picture of Saint Lucy Holding a offering plate with eyes.
" those whose hearts are pure are temples of the Holy spirit
Religious associations not being allowed to be discussed throughout the world is a major problem. These controversies affect romantic relationships, family relationships, and economics most frequently. The three religions I will be discussing most in…
Here, a former member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry is being baptized in the Westcott Fountain of FSU. On this night many others were baptized as well.
Here, by standers watch and applaud as a former Baptist Collegiate Ministry member by the name of Ryan McCraw has been baptized in the famous Westcott Fountain of Florida State University .
This is a photograph of Baptist Collegiate Ministry members during a bible study training at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry institution led by the director of the Florida State University's Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Dr. Lance Beauchamp.
This photograph shows the Illuminate service where they discuss their "Defining Moments" series to an audience of students.
This significant document consists of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry's constitution of 2011-2012. It includes a pre-amble, ten articles and by-laws. The ten articles regard the name, purpose, objectives, membership, offices, officers, duties,…
The photograph shows the latest Baptist Collegiate Ministry representatives of the Garnet and Gold Guys posing on campus. They are fully covered in red and gold glitter to show off their seminole spirit.
The Florida State University's Baptist Collegiate Ministry holds several late night pancake services to students and others during midterm and final exam weeks throughout the school year. Sometimes it is free and sometimes it only costs $1. This…
The Baptist Collegiate Ministry hosts several dinner and discussion events where food and is provided to the attendees and during and after the meal, several topics are discussed regarding the religion, issues, controversies, thoughts, concerns and…
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