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Paper on the importance of secular branches of Judaism in preserving the Jewish culture in America. Discusses the trends among younger Jewish Americans and younger members of other main religions in membership and involvement, and future of the…
This is a PDF of my Tumblr blog, Religion & Queerness in Television. I examined five religions and how those religions impacted each queer character on television.
a detail account of the hindu-Muslim conflict and
It is clear that the essences of both Islam and Christian traditions are nearly identical. If one truly and objectively evaluates the nature and history of each religion, it will be infallibly concluded that Islam and Christianity are essentially the…
This essay is a research essay that analyzes and puts describes universal ideas of cultural diversity and religious freedom as a major effect on tradition. This essay analyses particular religious reports and reasons why people all over the world…
Academic essay that identifies the issues with Islamophobia
This document is a blog of different religious rites of passage for youth in varying religions around the world. The blog analyzes what these ceremonies signify to the participant, their family, and the community.
An in depth look at the use of violence and peace for religious exspantion
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