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Tallahassee Democrat article on the Tallahassee Christian Science Church celebrating its centennial.
Religions are regularly shaped by the society that adopts them and Christianity is no different. Since it’s beginnings Christianity has both shaped the societies that have embraced it and been shaped by the societies as well. In modern America,…
This Holy Cross is displayed on the huge grassy hill at this Church. It is of great size and is painted white so it brightens the whole lawn.
A description of the Christmas traditions of five different countries and the history behind them.
An essay of why Christianity has constantly turned to violent methods in an attempt to proselytize (convert someone to ones own faith).
An image of the plaque hanging outside of The Wesley Foundation from the 1950's when it was "The Woman's Society of Christian Service."
This blog discusses the extensive role of how music has impacted the religion of Christianity and what factors have contributed to Christian music's sudden rise in popularity.
Two pages of a copy of the original blueprints created by Valdosta, Ga, architect, Lloyd Greer. First page shows from of the church, second shows interior sanctuary design.
Since the beginning of time man has marveled over the thought of life after this death. Under the realm of Christianity comes the thought process of Heaven and Hell. Christian belief is that there is one God and he and he alone is all powerful and…
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