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This is the main building of The First Christian Church of Tallahassee. Inside there is all the different sanctuaries for all ages. This is the Church's main building, the only other building is a small office.
This is the main worship area where majority of the Church's members go. This is mainly for the adults and there are other areas next to this room for children of younger ages.
This is a picture of the current pastor of the First Christian Church of Tallahassee on the right, Mike Shockey, and myself on the left.
An essay describing the reasons the Church, after thousands of years of growth, is losing members
Front of church building, taken slightly to the left of front. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Church, Tallahassee, Florida
This essay looks at the tensions between Protestantism and Catholicism and analyzes the shifts within these tensions, noting the revolving nature of them from accommodation to conflict to cooperation and back again. This essay focuses specifically on…
The first of many constitutional amendments in the United States was formally separating the role of religious institutions from the government. Centuries later, religion is still mentioned when watching presidential debates or when talking about…
Religious associations not being allowed to be discussed throughout the world is a major problem. These controversies affect romantic relationships, family relationships, and economics most frequently. The three religions I will be discussing most in…
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